Healthy Living Week Newsletter

Dear Parents
HEALTHY LIVING WEEK - Monday 16th January 2017 to Friday 20th January 2017

Each Term we have a special focus week and this term we have included a Healthy Living Week. This will start on Monday 16th January 2017 and finish on Friday 20th January 2017. During the course of the week the children will participate in various activities including; daily exercise, mformation talks, research etc. They will also have dental checks and be provided with information on fire safety and how to use the internet responsibly.

We have included activities for parent participation and hope that many of you will be able to find the time to be involved. Parent activities include an exercise class each morning, starting at 8.15am. This will be delivered by a qualified instructor specialising in personal training and take place in the Hall. We have planned a talk for parents on Internet safety and a workshop on healthy eating and wellness. These details will be included in the timetable to be sent before the end of the week.

Children do not need to wear their school uniform during Healthy Living Week. As they will begin the day with exercise and have other opportunities for exercise during the day, we would like all pupils to wear suitable sports clothes with trainers to School each day. School PE kit may also be worn.

Please take extra care to provide your child with healthy options for their food. We would like all pupils to bring at least 1piece of fruit each day to have as a healthy snack option. We would like pupils to forego all drinks other than water during this week. Water is by far the best option for children to drink at School during the course of the day and we want to encourage this healthy practice.

We look forward to your participation during this week,

Mrs. A C Griffiths

Head Teacher

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